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India’s Largest Electric Company Uses Black Box KVM Switches to Provide Remote Access to Critical Servers


India’s largest electric utility company needed to provide remote access to 16 servers in their control room so operators could monitor and manage the devices from their workstations. To enable remote access to the servers, the company required a reliable KVM matrix switching system. The KVM solution had to support up to 16 devices and provide remote access to at least 4 users. The company also wanted the KVM system to feature user authentication, support HD video at the user workstations without distortion, offer smooth switching, and have a high MTBF rating.

In addition to the KVM solution, the utility company required a keyboard and mouse (KM) switch to allow users to access LVS machines in the control room. The KM switch had to be able to extend signals 30 to 40 meters because they wanted to space the USB peripherals and monitors that far apart from the LVS machines.

The company reached out to Black Box for a solution because they know we have some of the most reputable high-performance KVM and KM products on the market today.


Black Box proposed the ServSwitch CX KVM Switch to the client because it can support the 16 servers and 4 users the customer required, plus it can extend KVM signals up to 50 meters over CAT5e cable. The ServSwitch CX offers user authentication and features 1920 x 1200 video that provides a clear on-screen image at all times as well. It allows users to switch between sources quickly and boasts the high MTBF rating the customer was seeking. This solution even fit into the customer’s preexisting setup, which would make integration simple and seamless.

Since the customer also needed to access the LVS machines in the control room, we created them a custom KM solution using a ServSwitch, Freedom KM Switch, as well as video and USB extenders. This solution can extend keyboard and mouse signals beyond 40 meters, allowing the company to place the keyboard, mouse, and monitor as far away from the LVS system as they required.


The electric utility company was pleased with the solution we recommended and decided to move forward with it. After installation, they now have a ServSwitch KVM system that enables 4 operators to remotely access and switch between 16 servers in the control room from their workstations, which has streamlined workflows, greatly increased productivity, and made the workday easier for employees. It has made operators much more comfortable as well since they no longer have to leave their desks to perform all of their essential duties. ServSwitch CX’s user authentication ensures important data is kept safe at all times, and its support for 1920 x 1200 video gives users the crystal-clear, distortionless image they need to perform tasks with ease.

In addition, the Freedom KM switching solution enables operators to control the LVS machines in the control room from up to 40 meters away with a single keyboard and mouse, enhancing overall efficiency.

Because the company is so pleased with the entire solution, they plan to replicate it in different plants in different locations across India in the near future.