Freedom of Speech: Discrete KVM Technology for LUXAV Lecterns


A lectern is a stand with an inclined surface on which a speaker can place his or her notes. In most cases, it features a microphone, allowing the speaker to be heard even in larger rooms. This very simple de nition and approach was one that event technology specialist LUXAV did not consider satisfactory, which is why they developed the first "MediaPult" back in 2003 - with a recessed preview monitor, an intuitive presentation management system and a digital pointer. This was a real novelty at the time, and speakers had to be reminded that they no longer needed to keep switching between the display and the audience. The third generation of media lecterns is now stepping up to the mark and setting new standards in functionality and comfort.


“What we’re faced with is a group of digital signals that have to be transmitted from the Director to the lectern and from the lectern to the Director”, says Griesel. "This means that there is not a great deal of space available to technicians at the lectern, for example, and this is especially down to the motorised height adjustment of the lectern. One of the spects taken into account during development was finding an especially compact solution.”

Solution Used: DKM FX Matrix