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What are Secure KVM Switches?

Learn why Secure KVM switches are essential for any organization prioritizing data security


The Black Box Secure KVM Defender Explained

Cybersecurity starts at the workplace, learn why.


Sharing Virtual Machines with Emerald® GE Gateway

Share virtual machines with ease.


Emerald® DESKVUE - Product Demo

The operator-friendly solution for modern workspaces.


Emerald® DESKVUE

Find out how traditional KVM over IP contrasts with DESKVUE.


How it's made - Emerald® KVM-over-IP

See how the Emerald KVM-over-IP system comes to life in Limerick, Ireland.


NIAP 4.0 Secure KVM Switches

Learn how NIAP 4.0 Secure KVM Switches eliminate information leakage.


NIAP 3.0 Secure KVM Switches

These KVM Switches offer untouchable security and protection against tampering.


Emerald® Solution Demo

How KVM over IP connects multiple users with computers


Emerald® PE KVM Extender Demo

Emerald PE KVM Extenders deliver pixel-perfect video up to 1920 x 1200.


Emerald® PE, 4K, and SE: Which is Right for You?

Join John Hickey for a comparison of our Emerald KVM over IP products.


Emerald® - Using APIs to Integrate with Lawo VSM

Boxilla® KVM manager’s APIs allow integration with Lawo VSM software.


Emerald® 4K KVM Matrix Switching over IP

IP-based KVM Extension and Switching for physical and virtual machines


Emerald® SE KVM Extenders

Extend and switch HD video, USB, and audio over IP.


Emerald® Remote App

Software that turns your Windows 10/11 devices into a KVM receiver.


Emerald® PE KVM Extenders

Extend and switch pixel-perfect HD video, USB, and audio over IP.


KVX Series KVM Extenders

Extend up to 4K video, USB, and audio over CATx or fiber cable via an SFP connector.


KVD200-2H 4K KVM Switches

Switch between two computers and display 4K video on two HDMI monitors.


4K UHD KVM Desktop Switch (KV62-CBL)

Switch between two computers and display 4K video on two HDMI monitors.


Boxilla® - Dashboard Overview

Enterprise KVM manager that connects and manages all KVM endpoints in your newtork.


DKM FX - Video and Peripheral KVM Matrix

Proprietary KVM Matrix Switching for the most challenging connectivity setups.


Agility IP-Based KVM Switching and Extension

KVM-over-IP System for matrix switching and point-to-point KVM extension.


Freedom KM Switches

Switch between up to eight computers by moving a mouse from one monitor to another.


How to Protect Your Hardware with KVM Extenders

KVM extenders put extra distance between computers and user consoles.


How To Use a Rackmount KVM Switch

How to use a rackmounted keyboard, monitor, and mouse with a KVM switch.


USB Extenders

The easy way to extend your peripherals beyond the 5-meter barrier.


What is Digital Signage?

Discover the transformative power of digital signage an learn how it allows you to broadcast advertising or multimedia content in an engaging way.


What is AV over IP? Introduction to MCX AV-over-IP

Discover how this revolutionary technology has been designed to provide perfect latency-free 4K video across a 10G network.


MCX AV-over-IP Solution Demo (Seamless Switching, Video Wall)

Join us in this exciting demonstration of Black Box's MCX AV-over-IP Solution.


A/V Case Study: Shannon Brewing

See how Black Box refreshed this brewery’s operations to deliver an optimal customer experience.


MediaCento HDMI over IP

Transmit HDMI video and audio over an IP network.


Distribute AV Over a 1-Gbps Network With MediaCento IPX

Learn about three options the MediaCento system offers: Unicast, Multicast, or Video Wall configurations.


HDMI and DisplayPort Active Optical Cables (AOC)

AOCs take ultra-high bandwidth video and audio the distance


Radian Video Wall Processor

Create professional video walls simultaneously managed by several users


Temperature Screening Kiosks with Facial Recognition (BDS-8)

All-in-one kiosk with advanced thermal detection technology


Deliver a Smarter Signage Experience with iCompel®

Digital Signage is about more than a player – it’s all about content.


VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller

The simple way to create stunning video walls.


Understanding Video Compression - Part 1 of 4

What is it and how does it impact your image quality and bandwidth?


Understanding Video Compression - Part 2 of 4

Learn how video is constructed and how video compression works.


Understanding Video Compression - Part 3 of 4

Learn about how KVM applications are impacted by video compression.


Understanding Video Compression - Part 4 of 4

Learn about how video compression affects AV systems.


Advanced Serial Console Servers

Monitor and manage your critical equipment remotely


LE2700 Industrial Ethernet Switches

High-performance, hardened Ethernet Switches


Pro Switching System

Automatic Layer 1 A/B Network Switching


Power over Ethernet Explained

What PoE is and how can it be beneficial to your application?


Hardened Managed Ethernet Switches Overview

Withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions


Fast Failover Demo - Hardened Ethernet Switches

Learn how the instantaneous failover feature works.


USB-C Docking Station

Learn about Black Box USB-C Docking Stations.


Industrial Media Converters 280 Series

Consistent network performance in the harshest work environments on earth.


Pure Networking (LHC) Series Media Converters

Affordable copper-to-fiber conversion up to 10 Gbps supporting PoE+


IoT Explained: What Is IoT, and How Will It Change Your Life?

Learn how the IoT is shaping how we work, live, and interact with devices


Introduction to Alertwerks Wireless at ISE 2023

Learn about the Alertwerks Wireless Gateway.


IoT Case Study: Shannon Brewing

See how a new IoT remote monitoring solution enabled massive time savings for Shannon’s employees, security in product consistency, and insurance to each brew’s quality control.


Magikk - Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring for Remote Workers

Ensure your personnel's safety with a single click.


JIDO GPS Freight Tracker

Get complete remote control on container shipment in real time.


USB-C to A/V Adapter Cables and Adapter Dongles

Discover to connect USB-C for multiple, fast connections.


USB To Serial Adapters

Add RS-232 serial ports to any laptop or PC for local administration.


How to Terminate a Shielded CAT6A Cable

Learn how to terminate a shielded CAT6A cable.


How to Identify Counterfeit Cable

Learn how to identify counterfeit cable.


How to Terminate and Test Copper Cable

We show you how to terminate and test cabling for a copper installation.


3-Series Premium Lockable Patch Cables

Secure your network ports from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects.


Save Space with SpaceGAIN Cables and Panels

Secure your network ports from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects.


Discover the Benefits of Factory Pre-terminated Fiber

See the entire process from termination to testing.


Behind the Scenes at Black Box: Custom Cable Manufacturing

Join Bill Fedorak on his tour of the Black Box Manufacturing Facility.


Black Box Premium OM4 LC Uniboot Patch Cables

Steve Molek compares Uniboot patch cables versus traditional fiber optic cords.


Six Quick Steps to Change Polarity on OM4 LC Uniboot Patch Cables

Video tutorial in six easy to understand steps


Premium Fiber Patch Cables

Best practices for selecting the right fibre cable



Cool your IT cabinet, not the entire room.


Double Hinged Wallmount Cabinets

What are double hinged wallmount cabinets and how can they benefit you?


Rackmount Cable Management

Learn about Rackmount Cable Management Solutions from Black Box.


How to Pick an IT Cabinet

How to specify the right cabinet for your application.


How to Pick an IT Rack

A step by step guide of how to go about picking the right IT rack.


MTP Connector Rackmount Fiber Solutions

What you need to know about MTP Fiber Solutions from Black Box.


Empowering Public Safety Control Rooms and Command Centers

Solutions for public safety operations and command rooms.


Broadcast Industry Product Solutions

Black Box Product Solutions for the broadcast and media organizations


E-Sports Product Solutions

4K video distribution in real-time across your entire venue.


Black Box Air Traffic Control Solutions

Improve situational awareness and ensure seamless workflows