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Video library of Black Box videos

NIAP4 Secure KVM Switches


Emerald Solution Demo


Video: KVD200-2H 4K KVM Switches

KVD200-2H 4K KVM Switches

Switch control between two computers (HDMI and DisplayPort) and display 4K video on two HDMI monitors. Supports USB 3/2/1/C.

Boxilla, Emerald e VSM Lawo

Boxilla, Emerald e VSM Lawo

Neste vídeo, você vai saber como as APIs do gestor KVM centralizado Boxilla® podem tornar KVM transparentes para usuários através da integração com o software VSM Lawo.

 Video: KVX Series KVM Extenders

KVX Series KVM Extenders

Extend up to 4K video, USB, and audio up to 100m over CATx cable or up to 30km over fiber cable through an SFP connector.

Video: Emerald 4K KVM Matrix Switch Video Overview

Emerald 4K KVM Matrix Switch

KVM Extension and Switching for physical and virtual machines featuring KVM over IP or direct connections

Video: Overview of the DCX3000 solution for digital Matrix Switching

30-Port KVM Matrix, DCX3000.

Digital pixelperfect Matrix Switching with CATx Extension up to 50m for the user

Video Demonstration from Black Box: Overview of the Agility-System for IP-based Extension and KVM Switching of DVI Video, USB and Audio

Agility KVM over IP

Flexible KVM System for Point-to-Point KVM Extension or scalable IP-based KVM Matrix.

InvisaPC Video


Find out about InvisaPC, the extension and remote desktop solution for KVM, HD video, and virtual desktops.

Video showing the DKM FX Matrix

DKM FX Video Matrix

Ideal for broadcast, pre- and post-production, professional A/V markets using HD video


ServSwitch Freedom

Switching between four separate computers is as simple as moving a mouse from one monitor to another.


KVM Extenders

How to protect and secure your CPUs with KVM extenders.


ServSwitch Secure with USB

Because of a number of security features, data is isolated from one network to the other.

Video - ServView KVM Trays

ServView KVM Trays

See how convenient it is to use a rackmounted keyboard, monitor, and mouse with a KVM switch in your server room.

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Coalesce MPE How-To Series

Coalesce MPE How-To Series

See how easy it is to set up, connect to Coalesce Meeting Place Edition and start collaborating.

Video about Radian Video Wall Processor

Radian Video Wall Processor

Create massive video walls to improve situational awareness and operator response time.

Video about Coalesce MPE Wireless Presentation System

Coalesce MPE Wireless Presentation

Enable users to connect and simultaneously share and control any type of content from their own device.

Video about MediaCento IPX

MediaCento IPX

Transmit HDMI video and audio over an Ethernet network to a virtually unlimited number of screens.

VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller

VideoPlex4 Video Wall Controller from Black Box is the simple way to create stunning video walls.


An introduction to digital signage

No other medium makes it possible to deliver compelling content at the right location at the right time for maximum impact.


Digital Signage for the harshest environments

The unique sealed and fanless construction of these Digital signage players works where other appliances are vulnerable.

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Video About Environmental Monitoring


Insure against problems that can damage your technology infrastructure equipment.

Video explaining Serial Console Servers

Advanced Serial Console Servers

Learn about the most precise method for time stamping critical transactions.

Hardened Ethernet Switches

Hardened Ethernet Switches

The switches are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh conditions.


Hardened Switches Demonstration

Ethernet Switches provide instantaneous failover when the primary link fails.

Video - Power over Ethernet Explained

Power over Ethernet Explained

Learn what PoE is—and is not—and clarify how it can be an important part of your network.

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Terminate and test copper cable

We show you how to terminate and test cabling for a copper installation.

Counterfeit Cable

Counterfeit Cable

Learn how to identify counterfeit cable.


High Performance
Lockable Patch Cables

Secure your network ports from unauthorised access and accidental disconnects.


Climate-Controlled IT Enclosures

Install IT equipment without the need for costly infrastructure or additional cooling.

Watch a demonstration of our MTP MPO-Style Connector Rackmount Fiber Solutions.

MTP Connector Fiber Solutions

Watch a demonstration of our MTP MPO-Style Connector Rackmount Fiber Solutions.


How to pick a cabinet

How to specify the right cabinet for your application.


How to pick a rack

A step by step guide of how to go about picking a rack for a certain application and type of equipment.

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