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Net Tone

Locate cable runs and test for continuity and voltage.

  • Trace and locate cable ends by placing the Tone Generator on one end of the cable and the Tone Probe on the other.
  • Make connections to RJ-11 and RJ-45 jacks and to any wire pair using alligator clips.
  • Tests for shorts in the cable and the presence of voltage.
  • Works on both Ethernet and telco cabling.
  • Switch selectable tone and large LED display.
  • Tone Probe has ultrabright LED tip for visibility in dark spaces; filtered circuitry for elimination of fluorescent hum; and safety LED.
  • Tone Probe also has volume control and insulated tip to stop accidental shorts when probing punchdown blocks
  • Garantia: 1 ano de garantia Double Diamond™
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Net Tone
Net Tone
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